All Good Things Are Wild and Free 1000 Piece

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Announcing a stunning line of stationery and gift products from the creative leaders of Flow®, and inspired by the quotation from Henry David Thoreau, “All good things are wild and free.”

A celebration of beauty, mindfulness, and the pure pleasures of paper, each of the items in this new collection features the artwork of Valesca van Waveren, with its soft, rich palette and lovely details drawn from the natural world.

What could be a more mindful activity than slowing down and engaging in reassembling an intimate landscape populated by birds and butterflies, wild hills and stars in the sky? Or to put it another way – jigsaw puzzling is the new colouring.

  • Two-piece wrapped box with removable sticker
  • Puzzle pieces are bagged inside box
  • Includes art print with puzzle image
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