Andy My First Programmable Robot Xtream Botz

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Help Andy find his friends. Andy is perfect for teaching little ones core programming skills. With this friendly robot you’ll learn to differentiate between left, right, forwards and backwards from all perspectives, as well as sequencing, logic and spatial vision.
Includes cards for a programming game.

  •  For children from 4 years.
  •  Program paths and solve problems.
  •  Enhance creativity and learning.
  •  His chest lights up.

1. Choose which pieces to look for

Choose a Face, Body and Feet piece, place them on a flat surface and turn them over.
Use one of the facedown pieces to measure the distance between them and find out how many ‘steps’ Andy needs to take.
The further the distance, the harder the challenge.

2. Program Andy

Program Andy to find each of his friend’s pieces using the buttons on his head.
Keep in mind that Andy needs to do the ‘Stop’ button action when he’s next to his friend’s piece.

3. Andy’s search begins

Start Andy by pressing the ‘Go’ button.
Check you’ve programmed the route properly. If Andy manages to collect the three pieces correctly, put them together to form his friend and look at the instruction book to see who it is

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