Astrup - Wooden Educational Numbers

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Play and learn – arithmetic for youngsters.


All numbers from 1 - 9 have a special friend. Two numbers that together make 10 are best friends.

These lovely wooden number blocks will make creating 10s fun and easy in a clear, visual way. The greater the number, the higher the block, so children can stack the numbers.

For example, find number 10 and place it in front of you. Then find 2 numbers which, when placed on top of one another, become the same height as the 10.

This BY ASTRUP® product is perfect for ‘playing’ arithmetic with your child.

The set contains 15 numbers, each of which is 2-cm thick, and a lovely cloth bag for storing the numbers safely when they are not in use.

Our toys are made specifically for learning and entertainment.

Suitable for: learning, understanding numbers and amounts, curiosity.

All our toys comply with current European toy safety regulations and are CE marked.

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