Kapla - Blue Art Book

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Kapla planks are identical pieces of finely sawn maritime pine. Their proportions are ideal for creating many different types of structures, balanced without any extra form or fixing. 

In the Kapla Art Books series, the increasing level of difficulty, complexity and imagination shows the potential of these planks. Each book has a unique level of difficulty, with a photograph of a completed project, as well as a line illustrated instruction. 

This product is Kapla Art Book 2 (BLUE) - High level of difficulty, various subjects. Recommended ages 8+

Other Kapla Art Books available:

  • Art Book 1 (RED) - Medium level of difficulty, mixed subjects. Recommended ages 6+
  • Art Book 3 (GREEN) - Easy level, architecture and structures. Recommended ages 4+
  • Art Book 4 (BEIGE) - Easy level, animals. Recommended ages 4+
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