Hexbug - Cuddlebots

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Make way for something soft and adorable. HEXBUG has expanded into the realm of innovative toddler toys with the HEXBUG® Cuddlebot Betty Bumble Bee and Freddy Fire Fly. These robo-buddies are round, durable, and completely child safe.

  • 2 button cell batteries included
  • Ages 18-36 months
  • Flower scent or Lavender scent

The HEXBUG Cuddlebots squishable bodies vibrate and scurry across the floor, instigating playtime, anytime. Available in two styles Bumble Bee and Fire Fly, HEXBUG Cuddlebots are packed with character and cuteness. Perfect to collect or crawl after. 

HEXBUG Cuddlebot is compliant with CPSIA standards.


Assorted Colours

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