Haba - Ball Track Klingeling

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The Haba Klingeling Ball Track is loads of fun with it's interchangeable pieces and different heights for maximum momentum! The steep ball curve accelerates the ball to a super speed and when it bumps against the first bell, the second bell swivels down for another musical sound. Finish the run by knocking over the dominoes!  The wooden pieces are made in Germany from eco-friendly PEFC sustainable beech wood and the set includes a 2 bell hinge block, 1 steep ball curve, 9 connecting elements, 1 wavy curve, 2 straight tracks, 1 ramp, 1 starting block, 4 columns, 1 Paul ball, 1 special effects ball and 3 domino blocks. Sound and motion for creative play and an early start to STEM learning, it's an easy choice!

Dimensions: 30cm x 14cm x 70cm

Age Range: 2 years
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