Mondrian Blocks - Blue Edition

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Introducing... The multi award winning Mondrian Blocks puzzle!

Take a challenge card
Open the card compartment by turning the latch to the right, and take a challenge card from the case. There are 22 card for each of the four difficulty levels.

Place the starter blocks
Close the case and turn the latch to the opposite direction. Open the game board and place the fixed starter blocks as shown on the challenge card.

Fit all blocks on the board
Try to place all blocks on the board. There is only one way to solve the puzzle for each challenge card. It's time to make some art, game on!

With additional sets you can turn Mondrian Blocks into a multi-player game, available in Red, White, Blue and Yellow Edition. Challenge your opponent to be the first to complete the board and close the lid.

Collect them all! Available in Red, White, Blue and Yellow editions, each has a unique set of 88 brainteaser challenges to complete.

Mondrian Blocks foster a whole range of skills in all ages and is the perfect coffee table game or classroom game to support learning and development in the following areas:- sequencing, spatial awareness, visual perception, strategic planning, problem solving and logical thinking!

What's In The Box?

88 Challenges on 44 Double-side Cards, 11 Blocks, Travel Case with Card Compartment and 2 Way Latch

Suitable for Ages: 8 - Adult

Players: 1

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