Playmobil - Fairy Garden Play Map

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Playmobil Fairies | Fairy Garden Play Map is a compact play set that’s always at the ready! Thanks to the travel friendly, take along pouch, simply unfold the map playing surface, arrange your play scene and figures and set off on an enchanting venture! Over the cobblestone path, to the lake at the end of the jetty there sits a fairy boat on the glittering water ready to be boarded. Watch out for the hares bounding across the path! Who wants to feed the swans by the bridge? Time to go? Fold the play mat and pop it in the pouch with the play figures and off you go!

Suitable for Ages: 5+ Years 
Included: Fold up map playing surface, 2 fairies, an fairy boat, butterfly, frog, swan and signets, flag, wand, bangle, water lilies, jewel tree and other accessories 
Play Mat Size: 64cm x 46cm



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