Tiger Tribe - Crazy Eyes Creatures

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Remember the fun of adding crazy eyes to your drawings!?

This colouring set encourages kids to colour in the original illustrations of robots, bears and more, completing the pictures with the stick-on googly eyes.

Each pack comes with a range of sized eyes.  Pull the finished artwork from the booklet and watch the eyes move!   Are you looking at me?

This is set is mess-free, portable and keeps your artist engaged while travelling on flights, in cars, at cafes or during quiet time at home.

A great screen-free play opportunity.

Includes 24 illustrated colouring pages, 36 googly eye stickers, one sheet of stickers and 10 coloured markers

Packaged neatly into a handy storage box for easy portable play

Size:  21 x 14 cm

Ages:  5+ years  

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