These Little Treasures - Wish Pixie Poe

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Poe has a wobble in her flight. Sometimes the other Pixie's tease her and call her 'Plobble'. But one day she decided, who wants to fly in the same way as everyone else! No she is proud of what makes her unique...


'Poe's' wish is to help children love themselves and be proud of who they are...spots and all!

Each Pixie has a little pocket on its back which can be used by the parent or carer, to write 'Pixie messages' and communicate with the child - encouraging and helping them to make their own wishes come true, once the 'magic spell' is read out loud!


Our magical Wish Pixies are individually packaged in a watercolour card envelope. The "wings" of the envelope open to reveal the doll, alongside The Wish Pixie story and space for a personalised message. 

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