The Danish brand Maileg (pronounced My’lye rhymes with fly) is a favourite brand of ours charmingly created to inspire children’s playtime.

Created by Dorthe Mailil, a Danish designer and illustrator, this charming brand of toys merge modern Scandinavian design with storybook whimsy and meticulous attention to detail. The characters and clothes, buttons, bows, blankets and other items are all beautifully sewn, with natural fabrics and materials in soft, muted colours and textures.

While a Maileg Doll House full of characters, furniture and accessories is such a treasure a shoe box with a handful of mice can be full of magic and wonder as well.

As a starting point we recommend the mice in the match boxes especially one of our favourites the Tooth Fairy. Little mice in a match box bed melts everyone's hearts.

Maileg brings whimsy to everyday moments, helping children explore the simple wonder of imagination and and make sense of the world around them. Grouped into families you can build relationships between the characters. Imagine little sister loves to do whatever big brother is up to and big sister plays with her tricycle so much she won't come inside for dinner. Importantly Maileg encourages private speech and social skills. 

Beloved for their heart warming personalities, Maileg toys show playfulness and charm in every last detail. Theirs is a timeless world filled with beautiful accessories and settings to be collected, cherished and shared with friends and family for generations.

      Maileg Size 

The sizes  can be a bit confusing at first but these differences enhance the magic and whimsy of the   imaginary world.

The Maileg mouse family consists of different sizes of mice and different themes. Do you already collect the dance mice or perhaps our favourite wildlife guide. 

     Mouse Sizes                                                          Furniture size 

Baby                                          6.4 cm                                  My/Micro 

Little Sister & Little brother    8.9 cm                                  Micro 

Big Sister & Big brother         12.7 cm                                 Micro

Mum & Dad                             15.2 cm                                 Micro

Grandma & Dad                      15.2 cm                                Micro                                 

Medium Mouse                        31 cm

Maxi Mouse                              50cm 


Bunny Sizes                                            Rabbits Sizes                     Furniture Size 

 My                            -                                       11 cm                                My

Micro                        13 cm                                16 cm                                Micro 

Size 1                       22 cm                                26 cm                                Mini 

Size 2                       26 cm                                32 cm                                Mini

Size 3                       42 cm                                49 cm                                Medium Large

Size 4                       52 cm                                63 cm                                    -

Size 5                       66 cm                                  -                                         -


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